Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the
Billy Cobham Art of the Rhythm Section Retreat 2017

1. What is the Billy Cobham Art of the Rhythm Section Retreat?

This intensive five-day program will provide a supportive and immersive opportunity for higher learning, artistic growth, and camaraderie across a variety of genres, styles and instruments. Activities will include: five days of master classes with Billy Cobham and his team, with lectures, discussions, video analysis, and playing exercises. There will also be nightly jam sessions that all students will be required to attend either as active or passive participants, and your registration includes a special Saturday night performance with Billy and the Spectrum 40 Band.

2. Who can participate?

Billy Cobham’s Art of the Rhythm Section Retreat is geared for advanced students, teachers, semi-pro and professional Rhythm Section musicians, including: bassists, guitarists, keyboard players and drummers, across all genres. This immersive learning experience is NOT just for jazz musicians!

3. When will it take place?

July 16-22, 2017

4. Where will it be held?

Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, Arizona.

5. How many classes per day?

Four (4) Classes each conducted by a member of Billy Cobham’s Spectrum 40 band (Dean Brown (guitar), Gerry Etkins (keyboards), Ric Fierabracci (bass) and Billy Cobham (drums), moderated by Dom Famularo (drums), along with plenary sessions involving the entire group.

6. What will be offered in the five-day course?

(a) We will focus on how to interact with one’s fellow musicians on the bandstand in real time.
(b) There will be multiple performance environments.
(c) Each room will have a back line consisting of drums, bass amp, guitar amp, and keyboard set-up for the students to play on. In addition to the back line, each room will be assigned a master coach from the four professionals previously mentioned. One of them will have their instrument in the class room in addition to what is set for the back line so that they can at any time provide assistance with examples of what is presented in the course curriculum. For example, Billy Cobham will have his drum set in the drummer’s room alongside the 5-piece kit that will be available for the student to play if he feels a need to assist in driving home a point that is in support of the subject of the hour that’s being presented from the perspective of each instrument at that time.
(d) Your registration for the retreat includes admission to the Billy Cobham Spectrum 40 Concert at the Beautiful Mesa Arts Center on the evening of July 22nd as a culmination to the retreat, so please be sure to stay for that and check out the 23rd!

7. What is the proficiency level required for each individual to take part in the course?

Advanced student, teacher, semi-pro or professional musicians.

8. How many places are available to reach capacity?

Up to 30 guitarists; 30 keyboardists; 30 bass players, & 30 drummers.

9. How much will this cost per individual to register for the program?

Pricing for the five-day program is $1,250.
(Participant daily lunch included in these prices; travel/lodging and dinner not included. Breakfast will be included in the special Marriott room rate.)

10. Can guitarists bring their own instrument?

Yes, this is a requirement!

11. Can bassists bring their own instrument?

Yes, this is a requirement!

12. What will drummers play on?

Drum sets and cymbals will be provided, so only bring your drumsticks.

13. What will keyboard players play on?

Keyboard rigs will be available in all classes.

14. What about hotel, travel and transportation?

Hotel, travel and transportation costs are the responsibility of each participant.

15. Are there hotel accommodations near the venue?

Yes, the Marriott Hotel, which will offer a special discounted rate for Art of the Rhythm Section participants.

16. What is the cost of a hotel room per student?

Please contact the hotel directly for the Mesa Arts Center/Billy Cobham group rate. Breakfast will be included in this special rate for participants.

17. Can students double up to save costs?

Yes, subject to the availability of room types.

18. Insurance:

Personal insurance is the responsibility of participants.

19. Daily Meals:

Mesa Arts Center will provide lunch to participants. Breakfast will be included in the hotel room rate and dinner will be up to each participant.

20. How do I register?

Registration is easy and can be done online by clicking here: register now

21. Can I attend for less than the full time?

No, the value of this program is achieved by experiencing and successfully completing the entire 5-day curriculum.

22. I want to sign up for the retreat, but I may have to cancel. What's your refund policy?

We will offer a full refund up to 60 days prior to the start of the Retreat (July 16, 2017); a 50% refund at 45 days prior to the Retreat, and no refund within 30 days.

23. What if I want to play more than one instrument?

Sorry, only one instrument per student as the focus of the Retreat is on the primary instrument that each musician plays in the Rhythm Section, no alternates.

24. Are there volunteer positions available?

Yes! Specific opportunities TBD. Contact Us here .

Full Retreat

The cost is $1,250 per individual.

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